"Eco-tourism of Russia and the Caucasus"

Bicycle tourism in Crimea.

The most interesting and diverse mountain Biking is South-West of the Crimea (this is the road of Simferopol - Bakhchisarai - Sevastopol - Yalta - Alushta). The length of the mountain ranges around 50 miles, and their height is approximately 1.5 kilometers. The eyes of a tourist striking the combination of complex mountain ranges and canyons with lots of gentle hills, cool valleys, with a variety of beaches, which are framed by stone coastal chaos.

Even many decades ago people had mastered a large number of lush valleys. The bays and cities founded by the ancient Greek people, striking in the eyes of tourists with its magnificence. In the middle ages by the Byzantines was established eighteen "cave cities" of Crimea, which are unable to pass cyclists, making their route. Each of them have something to admire, especially Mangup, are unusually magnificent, and any mountain biker will visit it. Also this city is perfect for lovers of challenging style of riding called the bike klimbing (the conquest of the peaks).
Not so long ago originated extreme movement velosipedistov-diggers that are on wheels of their vehicles, exploring caves. Here for these tourists there is also a lot of sophisticated seekers, as the area is abundant catacombs. In ancient times they were used for military purposes. For example, Balaklava, there are unique buildings, under ground shelter, where he kept the submarines, many of the tunnels in more than a dozen kilometers, only delight cyclists.

Modern militarization left the southern coast of the Crimea the world's largest facility for aircraft that were considered seaworthy trainer aircraft, as well as many of the world's outstanding facilities. For example, a plate receiving stations data from space, its area is 4 thousand m ?. Here cyclists can find interesting places to ride!

Mountain Crimea is cut in many of its areas of known historic trails, amazing cyclists the slope of hill, and the main, all these trails often meander between shaded by century old oak, beech and pine forests, which fill the atmosphere with phytoncides. Here in each river valley, an abundance of ponds and reservoirs, where splashing pure spring water that will surely surprise and delight the true connoisseur of Cycling.
The majestic mountain range of Crimea is the rock of Chatyr-Dag. Distance Cycling path at its peak from Angarsk pass will be about 5 km with a height difference of 600-800 meters.

The most difficult area in the touring southern coast of Crimea is considered the canyon of the Big Yalta, as it is here that large differences in altitudes, which is limited visibility due to the serpentine, a significant density of residential units, and resort areas.

Bicycle touring
Bicycle touring