Cruise along the Volga river.

One has only to step the period of the long-awaited summer holidays, as Russian travelers are starting to look for the answer to a seemingly simple question, is it possible to manage diverse, interesting and inexpensive to relax. Those who are tired of the beaches and do not want to be in the same place quickly bored, think about the exciting cruises. If a vacation on a comfortable liner in the Mediterranean or the Black sea are deterred by its high cost, then traveling along the Russian rivers many benefits, and this applies not only lower cost. River cruises on the Volga give the Russians a great opportunity to know better their own country, its nature, small towns and less known sights.

What is interesting river cruises along the Volga?

The most popular among our compatriots and foreign tourists have become multi-day cruises on the large Volga river. On the European continent there is no other river that can compare with it in extent and number of cities on the river banks. Travel through it, which can last from 2 to 16 days and is even more attracted to a variety of advantages:

1. The most fascinating cruises begin in Moscow, we travel would be a bonus – a short, but extremely interesting acquaintance with the capital.

2. A few days tourists can visit several cities, Metropolitan areas and towns. No one, even an expensive package tour offers such nice features.

3. During the long cruise travelers not only discover unknown places, and meet new friends.

4. Familiarity with natural resources and attractions on the river banks can be successfully combined with relaxation on a comfortable liner or homely ship.

5. Travelers are not only interesting things to spend time on the deck, but have fun in entertainment establishments of the cities through which cruise ships pass.

The picturesque surroundings of the cities

 For all tourists who chose river cruises on the Volga, the journey is a first acquaintance with the beauty of the picturesque nature of several Russian regions. You can admire the dense forests, steppe expanses, quiet groves and pine forests, passing by like carefree tourists. In Kalyazin – a small town of Tver region starts the excursion to the well-known believers solbinsky the desert. Visit Gramacho Key, a unique healing springs, and sacred buildings of the Nikolo-Solunskogo monastery – the purpose of this walk, which lasted nearly all day.

A completely different experience of gambling tourists on the banks of the Rybinsk reservoir. To be on the sandy beaches of "Yaroslavl seaside" – unexpected for these places of the resort will be a pleasant surprise for participants of the cruise. Visiting Elabuga cozy Tatar town is not complete without exploring a local Park, known for its Shishkinsky ponds. The guests the picturesque surroundings of the impression, as if alive, the paintings of the famous artist, whose name is associated with these places.

Provincial Russia

 In a rich sightseeing program all river cruises along the Volga are always included visits to several hospitable of Russian cities and towns. Each of them can find something special that distinguishes it from the rest of Russia. Often travelers get acquainted with several cities, proud of their rich history:

- Ples and Saratov;

- Usivka and Astrakhan;

- Chistopol and Kostroma;

- Elabuga and Kazan;

- Uglich and Perm.

- Kozmodemyansk and Nizhny Novgorod;

- Hvalynsk and Samara.

People of almost all of these settlements are proud of their picturesque quays, where there are street celebrations, holidays, fireworks, and many other bright ideas. Walking on them is a part of all cruise programs. Among the sacred and historical buildings there are several fortified buildings: the Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan, Uglich and Kazan Kremlin. Without visiting these attractions any cruise may seem defective.

Travelers never miss the opportunity to visit some of the many churches, monasteries and cathedrals along the way of cruise ships. Many exciting and informative in the visited cities are waiting for connoisseurs of art and literature. They can visit several house museums, which contains a variety of materials and sources about the life and work of Levitan in Plyos, in Chistopol Pasternak and Shishkin in Elabuga.

How to choose a river cruise?

To obtain a more pleasant experience and not feel disappointed after a multi-day river cruise on the Volga river, tourists should definitely determine their desires and consider all the details of the upcoming trip. Not so many questions that fans of distant wanderings must answer for themselves:

How many days will be enough to fully relax, and not get tired from the diversity of the city;

- What cities, protected areas and towns I would like to see first and foremost;

- With whom is preferable to go;

 Whether travelling fun for children;

- Whether to pay more for comfortable luxury tourist liner or much preferable to choose a regular passenger boat.

It is important to define what a month is preferable, to leave a familiar lifestyle and enjoy a river cruise on the Volga. Usually choosing a few days in the first week of summer or autumn. Not so important, when to travel, the main thing – not to leave in a good mood, even if something upsetting or frustrating during the "world tour" as fans of cruises call this kind of travel.

Cruise ship on the Volga