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Fishing – the resort village for an inexpensive family vacation

Fishing is a small village located on the Peninsula of Crimea. The village is located only 35 kilometers from the famous Alushta.

What is this resort?

Fishing is a great option for lovers of a relaxing beach holiday. There is a spacious pebble beach on the territory of which it is possible not only to sunbathe along it are located many cafeterias and small hotels where you can comfortably spend the night.

Traditionally on the right of the beach the rest of the caravaners: there are whole tent cities, you can also join in such activities!

What distinguishes the village fishing?

This place is located near Alushta, is characterized by its privacy and quiet by nature: here you can relax to the more relaxing pastime and exciting romance.

Over the last decade the resort has constantly evolved, so now there are all opportunities for a comfortable holiday. Tourists can stay in small hotels, in standard rooms and luxury rooms.

If you arrived in the Crimea in a noisy group, note the spacious private home, located close to the sea.

What to do in the village?

Fishing resort is a place for a relaxing holiday, so here you will not find discos and places for extreme sports. Clean beach a few kilometers, the famous Bay of Love, which is the most secluded spot and a quiet nature with a mild climate – all this awaits you in a comfortable village.

Sea fishing is another pastime for real men. There are many places for a great catch, all the necessary information you can easily find out from local residents.

Mountain lovers will also be pleasantly surprised: a Large Gate, haphal and other mountain tops – all available for exciting walks and contemplation of amazing landscapes.

And is there infrastructure?

Alushta – is a comfortable place to stay, so the village you will find several pharmacies, shops and cafeterias where you can eat tasty and inexpensive meal. Every hotel has wireless Internet access with reasonable speed.

Thus, fishing is a small village in the Crimea, which is great for lovers of solitude in the lap of nature and majestic mountains.





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