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Primorsky Krai and its waterfalls.

Every man that laid eyes on the waterfall, will not remain indifferent. It attracts and fascinates people with its beauty. The water that rushes down the streams and flows of the cascades, attracts attention and distracts from any stressful situations. Standing near the waterfall, there is a burst of energy. The person starts to feel clean and free, strong and mighty. Water movement can be observed for a very long time, without fatigue.

One of such beautiful places is a seaside region. Waterfalls of Primorye, greeted the tourists with its marvelous voices, each his own. In this region, there are all these waterfalls:

Benevskaya in the mountains Przhevalsky. The route is designed for tourists, stretched out here to a distance of six kilometers. And the waterfalls create a roll of great beauty, consisting of twenty-seven parts.

Smolny — Livadia on the ridge. The tourists can do Hiking to these magnificent waterfalls, which attract attention due to their pristine purity. The name originates from the key Smolny.

Voroshilov is at the foot of the ridge Chandolas. Height about sixty-seven hundred meters. The length of seven kilometers. They are located on the river Voroshilov.

The waterfall, which is characterized by the largest number of the turbulent flow of water is devil's bridge.

Shkotovo — not far from the highway Partizansk — Shkotovo, an array of swirling water of different heights.

Berendey is a waterfall of indescribable beauty and uniqueness, rightly called the pearl of the Primorsky region, around which stretches a primeval, untouched by man, forest.

The main and largest waterfall is considered to be Celestial. It is tall, about sixty meters, the three-stage design. Next was formed a mountain river from a separate flow of the waterfall. On the top of a Skyscraper can climb only with the help of special equipment.

Unique and beautiful natural place is the Ussuri region, which stretches almost the entire territory of Primorsky Krai. It combines opposite nature, which in other places together cannot exist. In one meter square encounter nettles and vines, elk and antelope, pine and apricot, Himalayan black bear and moose. The tour here is very interesting, the only obstacle for the convenience of the approach is its location — Ussuri region is located far from the center of the country. However, this issue is given special attention, and the results improve. Every year the number of visiting these places, tourists will be significantly increased. This contributes to the improvement of the proposed level of comfort during excursions.

In Primorsky region there are many waterfalls and to learn more about, it is best to avail the offered tours and excursions to these places.

You can go there just on weekends. This holiday gives a charge of positive emotions for a long time. In addition, this region is rich in unique natural objects, there are preserved monuments of history and archaeology. Travel agencies offer a wide range of programs to discover the weekend. They are interesting not only for adults but also for children.

Visit different corners of wild nature, than zoos with rare beautiful animals, as well as familiarity with crafts almost forgotten in the modern world. The opportunity to see mountains and caves, to plunge into the world of stone monuments that were created by the artist, no one knows.

Such trips leave in the memory of the tourists an unforgettable experience. These places are worth a visit for those people who appreciate the natural purity and harmony.

The beauty of Primorsky Krai captures the imagination of any traveler only if he sets foot on this earth. The extraordinary beauty of the landscapes with low mountains and gentle slopes give all grounds to assume – that this is a place created to enjoy. Soft outlines of hills, only emphasize the perfection of all this pristine nature.

It should be noted that is also rich in flora and fauna of this region. Forests with oak and hazel meet its coolness, cedar and Linden give their tiniest, maple, oak, hornbeam and ash once again proves its powerful. Even if you decide to walk along the slopes of mountains, taiga forest with its splendor will remind any traveler that here they are the owners of this mountainous country.

The trunks and branches in this mountainous area, covered with lichens and mosses. But this does not mean that they are through their dense thickets do not miss the rays of light. In order to keep up cranberries, lingonberries and blueberries in season, forest camp in the taiga seekers leaving the rich mining and usually always come back with the loot.

Primorsky Krai is an area of land with a pleasant climate, despite its humidity and cold winter. Although, winter is not long to test the endurance of your frost and give a relatively nice spring. The best time to relax and travel is considered the end of summer – beginning of autumn. In these two months the weather is pleasant with its Sunny and windless days, dry air.

It should be noted about the rivers and lakes of this region. On its territory there are about 6 thousand rivers, which gives the opportunity for comfortable rest and good fishing. And fishing on the rivers than there is, because such fish as the Amur pike, Amur Cebu, carp and catfish – the dream of any fisherman. So that you have all the reasons to come here for fishing.