Municipal formation urban settlement the city of Suzdal is located in the Northern part of Vladimir oblast. Adoption of the boundaries of the city of Suzdal and the establishment of the terrain features made in 1993 in accordance with the decision of small Council of the Vladimir regional Council of people's deputies from 09 April 1992 № 80 "About changing the city limits of Suzdal". The area of the city within the approved boundaries is 1500 ha.
The abundance of monuments, the preservation of its original appearance, Suzdal has no equal. There are many monuments of cult and civil architecture of XIII – XIX centuries Remained within the boundaries of the XVIII century, Suzdal was able to save the ancient topography, ineffable flavour of an ancient Russian city, the surprising harmony of old Russian architecture and environment.
On the area of 9 square kilometers of the historic city is 305 of monuments of history and culture, among which 5 monastic ensembles, 30 churches, 14 bell towers, dozens of splendid examples of civil buildings. 79 of them are monuments of Federal significance, 167 – regional significance, 63 objects are identified, 4 the ensemble of monuments of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Great importance for the city of Suzdal Museum of history and art, which since 1958 is a branch of the Vladimir-Suzdal historical-architectural and art Museum-reserve.
Currently the city there are four large tourist hotel complex "Nikolaevsky Posad" with an inventory of 180 rooms, of which there are rooms of economy class and 4-bed dorms for pilgrims; "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" with a capacity of 291 rooms; "Hot keys" with a capacity of 185 rooms, the "tourist center" - with a total capacity of 705 rooms.
All complexes have a developed network of hotels, a network of points of public catering, business centers, conference halls, cinema-concert halls and other entertainment services to guests and residents of the city, it service SPAS, tanning salons, gyms, swimming pools, baths, ice rinks.
On the territory of the city has 50 guest houses.
On the basis of the all-Russia population census of 2010 the population of the city amounted to 535 h 10

Suzdal - the pearl of Golden ring of Russia


Want to visit Ancient Russia, walk past ancient churches and enjoy the beautiful scenery? Then, you in Suzdal!

This quiet and small town located right next to Vladimir. Known as the city ot the past. After all, Suzdal was founded in the eleventh century, during the reign of the great Prince Vladimir Monomakh. In the middle ages this city was the capital of Suzdal Principality and it was at this time he was flourishing. After many developments on its land, through times of great Russian rulers, by the 20th century Suzdal turned into a peaceful and quiet corner of Russia. Now tourists come here from all over the country just to visit again in the depths of Russian history.

In the city historians count about hundred of the most ancient buildings in the style of past centuries. Because of this, in Suzdal smell mighty history that permeates to the bone. If you do not like to see a five-story building nestled next to ancient buildings, you can always go to one of the nearest villages, where you certainly will not find progress. It was in one such village in the 12th century was built the Church of Boris and Gleb, now known almost worldwide.

But, if you have already decided to come to Suzdal, then you better hurry to find main street. Because after going through it, you can go directly to the Kremlin, and also consider the assumption Church and the famous Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin. By the way, it was founded by local residents long ago, but until the 13th century remained wooden. And then it was rebuilt, erecting a fortress of white stone. Near the Kremlin you can also see the Church of St. Nicolas and Christmas and many more variety of churches, which indeed are considered to be architectural monuments of Russia.

Despite the huge number of churches in Suzdal, there is also not without its monasteries. In this city there are three monasteries, which are considered to be not only a model of the Church buildings, but also considered to be the property of the local culture. Besides the churches and monasteries in the city there are many buildings and streets that smell like old and in the square in the city centre you will feel like a merchant walking between shopping malls.

However, despite the fact that there are many private houses, arranged in a modern style, these cottages are not something different and great. City authorities prohibit building within the city high-rise buildings, so the locals came up with a solution: they build houses under the style of towers. This kind of city allows to preserve the atmosphere of antiquity and attract many visitors from different cultures.

Do not rush to go abroad, in search of the most unforgettable places. Look around! Perhaps it is not far from you is the same city that will remain in your memory forever. But hurry, because places are limited.