Racing Husky

A unique program from our partners will progressively immerse You into the world of mushing. Training Husky ride starts with canicross. Having felt confidence of the forces, we turn to the management team on wheeled vehicles (scooter/cards).
The canicross is a discipline of mushing, where a dog pulls a running man. The line connecting the dog musher attaches to the waist belt. For beginners to the discipline and allows them to feel in tandem with the Husky. Now you team!
Scooter - discipline of mushing, where the musher drives the dog using for mobility scooter special scooter) pulled by one or two dogs.
Maps - discipline of mushing, where the musher drives the sled dogs, using the movement cards (special truck). In the maps can be drawn by from three to six dogs.

- instructors are available for riding sport 
- instructors are on extreme survival 
- equipment and means of protection and security 
- school children's musher (for children from 6 to 14 years) 
- beaver trophy on the GAZ-71, GAZ-66, UAZ-469, UAZ-2206 
- excursion to the historical peak of the Valdai hills 
- support (if necessary) from the town of Andreapol ' and back

Fishing on the glacial lakes in the presence of the boat: 
- the rubber boat. Ufimka (2 pers.) 
- the rubber boat. engine (2-3 persons) 
boat aluminum.with motor Kazanka and Progress 

Ride on tractors, in stock: 
- wheeled MTZ 82 
- tractor DT 75 

Tours to old temples Finno-Ugric tribes 
Excursion to the estate Shahovskoy's 
Excursion to the grave of General Kuropatkin



To see the program stay in the file:

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gallery/отдых на валдае
lake Valdai

Unique Valdai hills.

Located in Valdaysky district of Novgorod region. In its South-Eastern part. In the center is a small, old town of Valday. He is about 5 centuries. It stands just in the middle between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It separates from the capital 370 km From St. Petersburg – 330 km. the First mention of the Valdai settlement refers to 1495 Chronicles say that while this place was only 2 yards. Rapid population growth began in the mid-SIXTEENTH century, when along the southern shores of Valday lake was built the great Moscow tract. Once on the Tsar road, the village quickly became a large village which received the name – Valday.

Women's participation was its very profitable occupation. They baked bagels. The bakery was right on the square. There was a shopping arcade. Valdai bagels were valued for what very, very callous. Market on the square is long gone. Now this is the Central area of the city. Here is a beautiful Trinity Cathedral. The Foundation of this temple is not known. It was originally built of wood and many times burned. In its current form, it was created in the middle of the XVIII century 

In XVII – XVIII centuries., Valdai, trade flourished and numerous crafts. Sandals were made from bark, local residents. And only for sale. Themselves also sandals never worn. Just walked around in leather shoes. Now crafts made from birch bark, are found in all the souvenir shops of Valdai. And boxes, birch bark boxes, Valday bells... 

Truda square , one of the most beautiful in Valdai. Here is the Church of St. Catherine Martyr. The round building in the classical style with a colonnade, built for the Empress, together with a small travelling Palace. The truth of the Church service, there is rarely committed. Only when the monarch, passing their St. Petersburg to Moscow, stayed there for the night. Now here is a Museum of bells. 

National Park "Valdai". If you are vacationing and want to put up a tent somewhere in the woods or on the lake, you need to obtain the permission. Fishing will require a separate license. Valday national Park is spread over a vast area. From North to South, its length is 105 km. And 45 km from East to West. On its territory, more than 200 lakes and small rivers. For tourists organized a special ecological path. One of the most beautiful trails, circular Hiking trail called "Forest of mystery", which is 1.5 km through the woods of the taiga. Picturesque hills and marshes on which grow herbs. And springs with crystal clear water. In the national Park there are more than 20 species of plants listed in the Red book. Among the usual ferns and sedges, can be found even North Orchid.

It is believed that in the world of the Valdai lake is one of the purest. The lake water is so clean that you can drink it. The picturesque lake has a glacial origin and is famous for its stretches and Islands. The lake is not very large, its area is approximately equal to 20 sq. km. With an average depth of about 12 m. But in some places, the depth of the lake is 60 m. Valdai is one of the main sources of fresh water in Russia. Transparency reaches 7-8 m, the lake Valdai.