The advantages of hotels for employees on a business trip.

People who are often faced with the mission, familiar with the necessity of registration of the report on the work done, the place and time of living and so on. A few years ago such documentation is issued independently by the employee of the company, however, today, many companies host workers in their possessions, doing similar work instead of their clients.

Urgently to issue the documentation can any skilled workers of good hotels, and so on. You do not need to spend time on such a procedure, which allows not to be distracted and to fulfill for a business trip tasks. It often happens that employees are passionate about achieving these management goals, lose sight of the documentation and do not submit to the leadership of the hotel the demand in time. In this case, the representatives of the hotels agree to quickly report in to check out customer.

Modern hotels provide their customers with a huge range of services relating to professional purposes. Accounting documents is not the only advantage of modern institutions. Representatives of the hotels will offer customers staying at their professional purposes, with all facilities, allowing to plunge into the work and not be distracted by the formalities. Many modern companies support such innovation, allowing employees to provide documentation of such a plan. To take care of this you can advance, even when choosing a hotel for a business trip. Moreover, some firms themselves provide list of suitable hotels, simply to discuss the matter with management. Today the budget of many companies do not allow employees in a business trip to spend extra money to stay just for the sake of reporting. Services hotels themselves contribute to the maximum to save time, and therefore money.

The benefits of frequent travel.


There are many occupations involving frequent travel. For some people the trip is a chore, but there are those who love them, more if some time was not travel, you feel somehow uncomfortable.


Business trips are not only an opportunity to learn something new in the work, see another city, it can bring a number of more or less tangible bonuses of a material nature. We will try to summarize these advantages.


1. Bonuses from carriers. Many carriers (major airlines – Aeroflot, Transaero, S7, and recently Railways) charge the regular customers of the points (miles) for tickets purchased. Thus, after some time on the aircraft of a particular airline or train, can accumulate for a free ticket that you can use for their own purposes. In addition, the airline miles can be spent not only on the tickets – there are shops-partners where you can purchase them any products. 


2. Bonuses from hotels. Many hotels (Hilton, Marriott, Radisson) are part of a larger hotel chains, and regular customers accrue points for every night. After accumulating enough points, you can get a free night at any hotel of the hotel chain. Points usually can be exchanged for airline miles partners, and even to spend on the purchase of any goods.


3. Bonuses when you pay with a card. It is no secret that many banks now offer interesting loyalty program – bonuses, or even a partial refund when paying by credit card. The most famous – "Thank you" from Sberbank, "Svyaznoy Club" Svyaznoy Bank. Paying for travel costs (tickets, hotel, food) by credit card, you can earn bonuses on your card that you can spend at its discretion.


Do not think that all these ways to earn bonuses – something small and insignificant. Many people who practically live on mission, accumulate a significant amount of bonuses, which can be very nice to use on vacation, getting free airline tickets almost anywhere in the country and ordering there free hotel room. In addition, within the framework of loyalty programs often run promotions that allow you to significantly accelerate the accumulation of bonuses and to hasten the vacation of your dreams.