In polluted cities find it increasingly difficult to breathe. By the end of the working week we all want to relax and enjoy the fresh air. To do this is to leave the city. In summer you can go to the country. And in the winter?


Good idea of a place of outdoor Seating embodied in a country cafe. Ranch - that's where a huge scope for different entertainment. It is a very profitable idea to build a business.

In the field, where access to the river there is a grove, you can build the stables. Next to have a café (summer with pergola and winter quarters), to organize the submission based on the open meadow in a small building).

The main idea is communication with nature, with horses, should be the motto of the business. Communication with horses, as you know, helps in the treatment of, for example, autistic people. Experts advise children from an early age to attach to riding horses. These children quickly develop, grow sociable, kind. Urban residents, especially schoolchildren, who had never seen horses will love horse riding.


In the stable should be up to a dozen horses. Here for the entertainment of the roll of the children who came with their parents to a barbecue. You can access courses on riding.

Cafe, working in both summer and winter, should have a broad program so that they could relax and have fun couples in love, families with children, large companies. In this cafe can hold its prom graduates of schools and universities when going to a company of 20-30 people.

The interior of the cafe should be a lot of wood on the tables of calico, canvas or linen napkins, on the walls to hang items of horse harness.

If the café to decorate under the American saloon, be sure to put the fireplace on cold winter evenings visitors can sit around it with a beer. Lack of orders will not.

Of course, in addition to staff, you will need to hire a Manager of holidays. He will consider scenarios ordered evening, because a corporate party in the spirit of "the ranch" will require the same games, entertainment contests, and kids will have to entertain otherwise.

Of course, the kitchen in this cafe should be excellent, simple, responding to its name. Incidentally, fresh fruit and vegetables such a place closer than the city. Next certainly are the village farm. This fact is another advantage of the cafe when choosing its visitors.