Golden ring of Russia

Gold is rightly called the most popular route covering the visit of the most ancient cities. They form the so-called ring. 

These cities played a significant role in early Russian history and the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church. The city's famous monuments of ancient Russian architecture from the middle Ages. This includes the works of the masters on the design of Kremlins, monasteries, cathedrals and churches. Visiting the Golden ring will allow you to go back and think of Russia. 

All these cities are linked with the stages of Rus. The connection and continuity of all princes, the first of kings, the devastation from the Mongol yoke, and the historic spirit. Listening to stories and legends, you can immerse yourself in anything else than in itself a story. It is full of forests and fields, and rivers, and lakes.

One of the most popular tours, will be a two-day trip to city with a rich history. Here you can feel the traditions, architecture and culture of the people who lived and worked in these places. Although this is only a small part of all that is included in the so-called ring, but perhaps she is most beautiful. Suzdal will surprise their old churches, houses carved in the wood. It is filled with the sound of bells and singing of birds. To visit in this city is the ancient Kremlin.

Sergiev Posad is one of the oldest and most important towns along the ring. It is worth noting that at the moment this place is considered a leader in the production of children's toys. It combines wonderful historical monuments and modern architecture. Moreover, this city is considered the center of the Russian Church. Attractive and exciting here seem to absolutely everything. One of the most visited temples of the Golden ring can be considered the Cathedral of the assumption. Here, you can meet unique works of Russian painters. It should be noted that until the time of the rise of Moscow, this temple was the spiritual center of the country. It also housed the court, ruling in those days of the Prince.

Another attraction - the Church of the intercession on the Nerl is famous for the fact that it is under UNESCO protection. This building is considered a heritage of not only Russia but also the world cultural heritage. It is noted that the harmonious combination of white stone from which the Church is built, can be compared to a Swan, floating on the Nerl. Moreover, the Church itself is located in a picturesque place.

Russia is rich not only in natural resources, but also for its history, and thus architecture. For those who want to uncover the secrets and mysteries of this amazing country, be sure to purchase a tour of the Golden ring.


Where to go if the wallet advises to stay at home.

Contrary to the belief of the majority, not all trips require large financial costs. Do not forget that we live in one of the most amazing countries in the world, much of "distances of the huge size of the" even not speak. However, there are many interesting things you can find and not overcoming long distances. In order not to reinvent the wheel, see the most popular route the Golden ring.

As you know, the classic part of the Golden ring consists of 8 cities to travel which is possible even when the wallet is strongly advised to stay in Moscow. In each of the cities have something to see and where to go. Because of their close proximity in one day you can cover several cities, with links to most by bus or train, and if no money at all, but there is a huge desire to travel – by hitchhiking. And you can start, perhaps, with the close in the capital city of Sergiev Posad.

Sergiev Posad

For what to go? 

For the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, of course. Unique Church complex, founded in the early 14th century by St. Sergius of Radonezh, was once a fortress, is important not only spiritually but also politically. The walls could shelter the inhabitants of the city during the siege, and more than fifty buildings housed everything from the Cathedral to the Treasury and hospital wards.

And those who are not eager to military history will be interested in an amazing place called "doll Museum". Here you can see toys of all times and peoples, to know what was playing children of the Imperial family more than a century ago, as well as with affection to remember toys from my Soviet childhood.


For what to go?

Worth coming here for rest and quiet. For here is a delightful Plescheevo lake. Once upon a time there was born Peter's fleet, and now roaming chickens and fish residents of the quiet provincial town. 

But Russia has its own Red square, a huge number of temples and a lot more strange museums. For example, museums, Iron, Kettle, Masks and steam Locomotives.


For what to go?

Everyone knows about Kostroma cheese, but few people realize that the Kostroma – the birthplace of Ivan Susanin. And playwright Alexander Ostrovsky and snow Maiden. Yes, the same one that falls granddaughter of Santa Claus.

In many guidebooks it appears that in Kostroma is to look at the Holy Trinity Ipatiev monastery, where at one time was called the Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, the first Romanov. That is certainly true, but the city itself is quite remarkable. For example, the fact that has a radial structure (local legend has it that after the fire plan of the city was copied from a fan of the Empress) or the Central square, popularly referred to as the "frying pan" for a perfect round shape.


For what to go?

To come is to see the largest of all the cities of the Golden ring and the third largest city in the Central Federal district. Despite its size, it retains a certain regularity and calm. Here you feel the more than thousand-year history of the city, we need only go to the gates of the Kremlin or walk down to the waterfront. In the Kremlin, by the way, you can try yourself in the role of bell ringer, having trained at a specially installed bell or to climb the bell tower and see the city from a bird's eye view.


For what to go?

Look at the Golden gate and to walk the streets. And be sure to look at the local Museum – in contrast to the majority of museums in provincial towns, this was made by a person with a sense of humor. So, for example, we can learn that more than a hundred years ago in Vladimir was held the international championship of women's wrestling, combined with the beauty contest for ladies "athletic". 


For what to go?

In Suzdal Mead and architecture. No wonder Suzdal is among the most beautiful cities of Russia. In fact, the whole city is one big Museum, there are nearly two hundred monuments of culture and art, and a simple walk around the city, especially in the evening, will take a lot of pleasure to those who are tired of the bustle of the capital.


For what to go?

The town, where, as in the song "lime yellow in a row and where the horn of a textile factory and echoes of trains. The youngest of all the cities of the Golden ring, Ivanovo saves the status in the industry. Although many famous Ivanovo factory has now fallen into disrepair, to see a good Soviet constructivism and touch recent but bygone era, definitely worth it.


For what to go?

For beauty and perfection. Because here everything perfectly – from the ancient walls of the Kremlin from the lake Nero. In no other city is so impossible to take in the sights of antiquity, and not just feel it, and that is to fall and forget about the transience of time. It has no power.

The monuments here are mostly cathedrals and temple complexes. But preserved the king's chamber, where the rulers stayed during his visits to Rostov. By the way, the Rostov Kremlin was shot by renowned Soviet film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation". Why this city was chosen for filming of ancient Moscow – it is obvious.