"Eco-tourism of Russia and the Caucasus"

Tourism for gourmets

Tourists, jaded travelers, consisting of an ordinary shopping or lying on the beach, the tourist industry offers a relatively fresh direction-gastronomic tourism. Will appreciate these tours, curious tourists seeking to learn the manners and customs of other countries through the acquaintance with national cuisine.

Gastrotomy have two main areas-rural and urban.

First, they are called "green", provides travelers to visit private land, farms, orchards, vineyards, participate in the harvest of fruits, berries, mushrooms. Often, at these farms, there are many small, picturesque cafes and restaurants offering to taste national dishes cooked from natural products, grown in their natural environment. Also, if desired, tourists can take a master class with professional chefs to participate in cooking and setting the table.

Gastronomic tours, called the city, offer to visit a variety of culinary fairs and festivals, restaurants with excellent cuisine, taste the unusual national dishes, enjoy the incredible, amazing delicacies.

One of the most favorite tourists-gourmets of countries is France, particularly the Provence region. In contrast to the sophisticated and elaborate French cuisine, Provencal simpler and more like a home. That only is a famous vegetable Ratatouille-the legend of Provence. Black olives, green olives, herbes de Provence is a magical, wonderful wine, filled with the southern sun-without it is impossible to imagine and therefore Provencal French cuisine.

The Italian region of Tuscany is a true Paradise for gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious and healthy food. In this area you can eat the meat of young calves that are grown on the beautiful meadows of lush green grass, to taste the dishes of Tuscan cuisine, prepared according to old recipes, to savor Chianti or Nobile. In Tuscany prefer fish dishes, meat products, pastries, just all this yummy was simple and natural food.

Another great Italian region of Piemonte. Here there are magnificent national dishes - it's delicious, gourmet truffles, anchovies, fondue, cheese Gorgonzola. Piedmont is the birthplace of the famous vermouth such as Cinzano and Martini.

The Netherlands-this country of tulips, too, can visit in the role of gastronomic tourists, especially lovers of beer and cheese.

The Spanish Balearic Islands will pamper travelers with local cuisine rich in seafood, fish cookery masterpieces, as well as a variety of desserts and many Catalan delicacies. In Catalonia many mountains and there are mountains, and meat dishes occupy an important place in Catalan cuisine, Chicks with chocolate, stuffed with nuts and plums, Turkey, rabbit with snails - these are amazing and unusual dishes you can enjoy in Catalonia.

Perhaps the most colourful, delicious and extraordinary cuisine of the Caucasian peoples is rightly considered to be Georgian, one of its main advantages is the use of any meat, there are no restrictions. Chakhokhbili, satsivi, a variety of kebab and many other masterpieces of Georgian cuisine has long been appreciated and loved in many countries. The main highlight of Georgian cookery are numerous, delicious sauces, fresh vegetables, spices, fruit, barberry. And, of course, every meal should be spiced with a light, tasty and healthy wine.

Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and many other exotic countries visited by crowds of tourists in search of new tastes and exotic dishes.


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In Gagra is a remarkable place, restaurant Old Prague.
We went casually, surveying the city.
Nice wooden house with its brewery. Built Czech specials. Near the fortress Abbot.
By title Czech treated with sarcasm, until ordered dark velvet and tried ... It's a fairy tale, is not tried a beer in Prague itself) to describe the taste of pointless involved in the production of natural water, that says it all ...
We have to go and try)
In the presence of the Abkhaz amazing kitchen, in which there is fish, meat, cheese, delicious sausages, and of course a variety of beers. On Sunday evening folk dance ensemble Abkhaz Sukhumi.


The beverage gourmet

The taste of green tea is familiar to almost everyone, but not every soul. In order to appreciate the taste of tea, you have to understand it, but understanding it, alas, is not given to everyone. As human wisdom, which is difficult to understand and evaluate at first sight, and green tea is not available to everyone. To rate this drink will be able only a real foodie, a man with fine taste. For the rest it has no pictures and it seems very peculiar. The benefits of green tea is so great that it is hard to describe - this tonic gives people vitality and vigor. In the article, you will learn about green tea and its use.

It should be noted that the shrub grows green tea in the lands of countries such as China, Japan, India and South America. It is from the growing region depend on taste, although they can also affect the way we collect, store product. He will not grow higher than 10 cm from the ground and is a perennial. Its leaves are long, dark green, pleated leaves hiding flowers (usually 3 or 4 on one branch). The flowers initially have a spiral shape but, in the period of maturation of the fruit, the petals fall and the whole structure becomes very similar to a box, inside which lurk the little brown grains. From August to December lasts the time of flowering, and from October to December is the season of harvesting.

Green tea is a storehouse of various nutrients such as calcium, fluorine, and furthermore it is rich in vitamins. In this drink, if it is natural and has been stored properly, there is a fairly significant dose of caffeine. For this reason, people who are not sure of your pressure, tea drinking is not recommended in case of high pressure, it can become a killer. If the pressure is lowered, then, of course, he'll give a man life-saving alertness, dilate blood vessels and increase pressure. In case there is a mineral promoting the absorption of calcium and keratin production, luxurious hair and strong, beautiful teeth. Catechin present in the tea kills cancer cells and protects against radiation a human body.

The use of this plant known to mankind for a long time. Besides enjoying the exquisite taste, it is popular in folk medicine and in cosmetics (it is used in the composition of various creams). You can, for the sake of experiment, to try in the morning and before bed to wash her face freshly brewed tea, and after a few days you will see the result – the skin becomes smoother and more even colored. The permanent tea party, as a panacea for the human body, it improves the functioning of all internal organs . Tea compresses will also help to heal wounds, cracks on skin, and inside our body it heals the walls of blood vessels, making them stronger and more elastic.

In short, the advantages of green tea are countless. For this reason, it's worth a try for everyone who do not have medical contraindications. Suddenly such miracle cure to your taste? Good luck with the selection of suitable varieties and the warm evenings spent with a Cup of tea.


A little picnic is complete without a barbecue. However, in recent times is not difficult to cook and barbecue in the apartment – for this purpose, a variety of elektrotechniczny, but, of course, meat cooked over hot coals, much more aromatic and delicious. In General, the term "barbecue" includes not only the definition of special fried meat, but also involves a ritual of its preparation. And during the ritual there are certain prohibitions and rules.

Fragrant and juicy meat on the skewers long ago and has won popularity and love of millions. And it seems that all the dish we all know. However...

Perhaps the most common misconception is that the Motherland of kebab are the Caucasian or Central Asian countries. But if to look attentively at the story, it becomes clear that the search for the origins of this dish stands in ancient times.

First, we can say primitive kebab, cooked even primitive people – fried pieces of meat strung on a stick or skewer over a fire. It is clear that about any marinades and seasonings and then out of the question – it all came much later. And here we huge role in giving the kebab a rich taste and unforgettable aroma was played by the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Here the recipes for kebab were improved, and he took a modern form.

In General meat roasted on an open fire and coals using sticks and skewers, under different names found in different Nations around the world. Very popular varieties of this food is enjoyed in the countries of South-East Asia. Here it is known as "satay", in Armenia it is called "khorovats". Azerbaijanis are expertly trained "kebab".

Particularly honored guests in the houses of the Georgia treated to a delicious meat, the preparation of which is reminiscent of barbecue. The truth here strung meat on skewers and dry on the vine. This dish is called - "mtsvadi".

Very popular dish, cooked over the coals and campfire, are among the inhabitants of Latin America, Japan, China. Not everywhere and not always as "raw materials" used to barbecue meat. So, in Japan, meat is often replaced with seafood. But in Korea it is very popular "grilled duck" - "orologique".

In General, there are dozens of recipes for cooking barbecue. Everyone prepares the dish according to their abilities and taste preferences. However there are some General rules, the observance of which will allow you to prepare a real culinary masterpiece.

So, despite the fact that for the preparation of this dish you can use almost anything, real barbecue is cooked is meat. The professionals advise to use for kebab meat, not exposed to freezing. But and not fresh. Before using skewers, it is recommended to grease with vegetable oil and a little heat. Meat should be strung so that the largest pieces was in the middle

Great value in the preparation of shashlik plays and the distance between the meat and the charcoal (the best method is a distance of about 15 cm), and the material from which made grill (better if it is cast iron). But to the less lit coals, the smoke never left and quickly fried meat, skewers are placed dense layer.

The marinade is also possible to use the diversified – here all depends on taste preferences. But to better serve the skewers with onion, dipped in a little vinegar – this addition not only gives the kebab extra spicy, but it promotes better digestion.

​​Barbecue: the unknown known

Shark on plates

Goa – Paradise for gourmets

The rest, whatever it was, often, does not pass without tasting the delights of the local cuisine. Today it is difficult to surprise tourists with something of European dishes that have become everyday in many families. Another thing unknown, or rather not tested and more attractive Goa cuisine, pleasing in its variety, flavors and amazing taste. 

Fresh food fruit, vegetables and seafood awaits travelers in the village restaurants and cafes. While seasonal extension – Saki, will shelter from the sun and give a special atmosphere. If the cat prefers a more familiar meals, it can also be ordered here.

It happens that the sanitary aspect of the local cuisine is alarming, but it's in vain, in the end, among countless kafeshok, will certainly have a couple like. Each one has a menu with English translation, and some, even Russians. Despite the fact that the composition of the dishes will be clear, it is desirable to clarify its flavor characteristics, since spicy dishes are traditional for the whole of India. 

On the offer side dish rice or vegetables, cooked in different ways. Side dishes can be ordered a variety of fish from flounder to sharks, and all kinds of seafood – octopus, shrimp, lobster, crab. Not less well, then cook chicken dishes, pork and lamb. All this is filled with amazing sauces for any taste. In many places the main dish is fish curry with rice. And the most famous is sorpotel – pork and tripe in a spicy sauce and vindaloo – meat or fish in vinegar. Goan desserts also do not disappoint, their sweet tooth will appreciate. You can try the main sweet dishes of Goa – bebinca (pancakes) or batik – coconut cake, the taste which complements the ice cream. The holidays often cook dodol - a chilled dessert, and what could be better on a hot day . Complement is a riot of flavors, best of all, fresh juices. Among the beverages worth mentioning tea with crushed spices – masala tea, Lassi is a fermented milk drink that resembles yogurt and FeNi – the juice from the fruit of cashews. 

For cooking, cooks, use coconut oil, the juice of coconut palms and jaggery brown sugar. Widely used chilli, ginger, cardamom, cumin, garlic and other spices. Very popular local seasonings like Cesar based on dried shrimps. 

Despite the fact that the cuisine in Goa is traditionally Indian, the stamp put on her Portuguese customs. It is the Portuguese had brought the bread. Here it is called PAO and the bakers every morning, carry it around the city on bicycles, leisurely time for Breakfast.

All this culinary variety available at affordable prices. Three meals a day is not going to affect the purse, everything depends on the institution and the desires of the guest. By the way alcohol and cocktails, also are not expensive. Goa – a Paradise for gourmets.